Häxan Dishwashing Brush

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Häxan Dishwashing Brush

Häxan Dishwashing Brush

Regular price €5,00





With this eco-friendly dishwashing brush, you can easily wash away dirt without getting scratches. The round interchangeable head makes it easy to clean pots and pans.

The brush is made of FSC-certified wood and black horsehair. Horsehair comes from the tail of horses and is therefore not vegan, but is taken from live horses.

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Made in Sweden
All our products are produced locally in our factory in the town of Älgarås.
Award Winning
Häxan is loved by our customers - our bathroom formula, Anti-Limescale, was dubbed best-in-class in 2023.
Anno 1913
For over a century Häxan has ensured the order and cleanliness of Swedish homes.