We have used Häxan's products for more than 40 years with amazing results! - Lena
Effective and environmentally friendly, exactly how cleaning products should be! - Ulla
With 3 kids at home everything gets dirty! I'm so happy that I've found Häxan - Malin
Made in Sweden
All our products are produced locally in our factory in the town of Älgarås.
Award Winning
Häxan is loved by our customers - our bathroom formula, Anti-Limescale, was dubbed best-in-class in 2023.
Anno 1913
For over a century Häxan has ensured the order and cleanliness of Swedish homes.
Cleansing remedies
Once upon a time...
...in the city of Gothenburg, there was a factory. The Trolls’ Mill. Even from miles away it was obvious the factory was working at full steam. Smoke rose into the sky both night and day, high over the glittering River Mölndal. And in 1913, the moment had arrived to mix up a unique formula. A magical elixir, sprung from Nature’s own workshop. The time was right for Häxan cleaning products.
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